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We at Red Printsstrive to provide you the best collection of medical scrubs, surgeon uniforms, nurse uniforms and uniforms for hospital technicians at unmatched prices. We offer uniforms for nurses in bright colours and contemporary styles. Your nurses and technicians are the brand ambassadors for your hospital. They are the first personnel a patient interacts with. Hence, it’s imperative that they are attired rightly. A smart, professional and warm uniform for nurses and medical technicians is a must.

Whether you’re looking for a uniform for a dentist, surgeon, vet, nurse, doctor or child care provider, we have the right scrubs to meet your needs. Our medical scrubs are designed to be both professional and comfortable. They are made from the best quality, skin-friendly and non-irritant material. They offer the best fitting and are extremely durable.

Additionally, all our uniforms for hospitals come with the choice of your logo and name either printed on the fabric or embroidered onto it.

Range of Choices when it comes to Medical Scrubs

  • Pant and Top sets for Men and Women
  • Fluid Resistant Lab Coats
  • Unigender Overalls

All our uniforms for nurses can be customised to suit your hospital. From full sleeves to short sleeves, the colour, the material – the choice is yours.

The Red Prints Advantage

  • We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We take care of the tiny details to ensure that we exceed your expectation.
  • A wide range of colours and styles in medical scrubs.
  • All our logos are stitched by expert seamstresses in-house. This ensures that there is no fraying and fading.
  • We can replicate your hospital logo, or we can customize a new logo for you.
  • Minimum ordering quantities. You don’t have to order thousand scrubs to place an order.

Contact us today to design a Professional Uniform for Nurses for your Hospital.




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